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    Providing creative advertising solutions and strategic marketing advice, the Muse Marketing Group has consistently and significantly increased the sales volume, and profile of our clients - in an environment of constantly changing economic conditions.

    That experience means that today, the Muse Marketing Group is one of only a handful of totally integrated, full-service agencies capable of meeting the challenge of unseen horizons in both new technologies and business climates.



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    • Interactive Web Design

      The Muse Marketing web team is fully equipped and totally focused on the medium of the internet. We are adept at all facets of site design, creation, implementation and hosting.

      A website is not just a means of presenting your products and services through a global medium, but also allows for the creation of unique tools to communicate and promote your business. We can also show you how e-commerce can help to remove any geographical boundaries to the growth of your sales.

      Today, a user-friendly and dynamic website is an essential marketing tool for most businesses. With over a billion pages on the worldwide web, your site must be special if it's going to be a contender.

      Unlike many other web design specialists, we don't showcase the technology at the expense of the message – we use it to draw your audience in, and we make every designed site user-friendly.

    • Marketing

      In establishing and maintaining a brand identity, your interaction with customers cannot simply start and finish with "the sale." A marketing strategy must be in place to build an ongoing, loyal relationship between you and your clients.

      At Muse Marketing, we create a professionally planned interaction between the concept, the consumer and the brand itself, so that your advertising ultimately makes a greater contribution to your overall marketing objectives than to merely generate sales in the short term.

    • Branding

      Your "brand" is the result of the collective relationships between your company and its community: its clients, former and potential, its people, former and potential, its stockholders, other stakeholders, and the media community. The collective perceptions held by these groups of people over time combine to create your "brand identity."

      At Muse Marketing, the brand is the foundation on which all creative and strategic marketing is based, and every single communication we issue on your behalf makes a positive contribution to your brand identity.

    • Public Relations

      Public relations - the total relationship between your company, your product or service and the public - is one of the most important elements of an effective advertising/marketing program deals with all people, including potential customers, the financial community, media and even your own employees.

      PR can make an enormous contribution to your brand identity, as well as generate new levels of awareness of your products and services. The Muse Marketing Group has extensive experience liaising with the media in relation to company and product media releases.

    • Social Media Management

      The age of the Social Network is here; and the platform has proved itself a useful and low cost marketing tool. Our services provide full service social networking management and design, giving you ultimate posting power and piece of mind.

    • Strategic Marketing

      Strategic marketing is an information collection and analysis system, based on demographic and geographical profiling, which allows us to present an accurate image of your market and its make-up.

      From this beginning, an appropriate strategy aimed at creating a cohesive brand identity and demand for your products and services is developed by the Muse Marketing Group.

      Market research, competitive information and analysis permit us to identify opportunities, discover weaknesses and develop strategies for positive outcomes.

    • Press

      Newspapers provide an authoritative medium that combines credibility with broad market acceptance. Press combines an emotional sale with informational reinforcement; in addition it offers "clip & keep" potential, and coupon response.

      Our creative and design teams combine extensive press advertising experience with access to the most up to date graphics and production technology to ensure quality and impact in every press advertisement we place for our clients.

    • Radio

      In terms of value for money, creative radio advertising has historically been one of the most successful of all advertising media. We approach radio as a "theatre of the mind" medium that allows the creation of highly evocative images and scenarios at relatively low production cost.

      Targeting the medium to the message, we are able to access different socio-economic and demographic groups directly, with a communication tailor-made for each audience. Radio also offers a positive combination of reach and precise targeting via station/time buys.

      We recommend radio advertising as a highly cost-efficient medium that can achieve even better results when combined with other mainstream media such as press or television.

    • Television

      TV is the "maximum emotional impact" medium with excellent reach. TV can very quickly generate high levels of awareness for a service or product, and it provides plenty of scope for a creative approach. TV is great for ideas and action - paving the way for more "information oriented" media.

      Many of Muse Marketing's clients will attest to the fact that our television commercials, cost-effectively produced and appropriately scheduled, can achieve outstanding results in a short time.

      Utilizing this expensive but pervasive medium to its greatest potential demands a blend of both art and science, and the Muse Marketing Group can demonstrate consistent success in television commercial production and placement.

    • Outdoor

      Billboards offer a high impact means of generating and reinforcing awareness, with effective geographical targeting opportunities.

      Outdoor advertising is also an opportunity to hit your audience with a short, sharp message that delivers the punch line in under three seconds.

    • Design

      Logo design, point of sale and packaging, annual reports, direct mail, or brochures and leaflets; whatever design task you ask us to undertake, we'll work hard to ensure that you're knocked out by the result.

      Design is the first blow you can strike with your audience, so we make sure it's telling. Take a look at some examples of our work for inspiration.

    • Corporate Identity

      Persuasion begins with a strong, accessible corporate identity for you and your product. Logo designs express the key characteristics and personality of your product or organization and become a unifying element and recognition device.

      Brochures, catalogues and annual reports provide a means by which to convey detailed information concerning your business. As they reflect the stature of your organization and the way it views itself, we approach each new print job as a communicative entity in its own right, as well as part of an overall strategy.

    • Print

      A well designed and executed piece of print work, whether it's a brochure, postcard, or flyer, has enormous potential. Knowing what works, and how to harness the might of technology in creating and printing your print work, takes a blend of production skills.

      Our team has been working on creating superior print items for years, and their experience shows where it counts.

    • Packaging

      Packaging is the visual representation of everything your product stands for.

      As the "beginning and end" of your customer's relationship with you, packaging must ultimately be designed to meet both the functional and aesthetic needs of you and the consumer.

    • Direct Mail

      There's no substitute for a well aimed and well timed Direct Mail, which allows you to achieve your objective cost effectively.

      Direct marketing makes highly specific demographic and social targeting possible. People can be reached on the basis of how much they earn, where they live, where they work, what they do, their affiliations or any combination of these factors.

      This type of precision can make Direct Marketing one of the most cost effective means of raising awareness among potential buyers of the benefits of your product.

      Our experience in Direct Mail covers every aspect of high response design, specialized copywriting, promotional concepts and distribution.

    • Multimedia

      Multimedia means diverse digital solutions across numerous platforms.

      These solutions include: CD-ROM and power-point presentations, website designs and development, database integration, 3D computer graphics and post production effects.

      Multi-media is very much an under-utilized tool in today's business world. At Muse Marketing, we have all the talents to create dazzling multi-media programs, while never losing sight of the fact that the purpose of every program is to communicate your product or service benefits to an audience.

    • 3D Design

      3d design is a highly specialized challenge that few agencies are capable of approaching.

      In an ever changing world, 3d design is fast becoming an essential tool of business – enabling companies to envision and represent realities that cannot be captured in any medium other than the imagination.

      Whether for advertising, in-house presentations, or any other commercial activity, 3d design relies heavily on the point at which art meets technology.

      At Muse Marketing, our goal is to keep ahead of technology and maintain an edge in this incredibly fast-paced discipline.

    • Event Planning & Catering

      Muse marketing also specializes in the art of event planning and catering services. Our goal is to put together the perfect event for you. When it comes to event design and catering services, we combine European flair and style, with New York savvy and expertise.

      Muse Marketing has lent its considerable talents to product launches, non profit gala events, art shows, corporate events and high-end social events.

      If you can imagine it, Muse Marketing can make your party idea a reality, handling every aspect from planning to execution. For your next event, whether large or small, we will assist you in putting together a party that will be memorable.

    • Sales Consulting

      At Muse Marketing, we have the knowledge and expertise to create solutions that will boost your bottom line. We will help to increase your company's sales productivity, performance, and profitability. Muse Marketing excels in sales consulting situations. We help companies, large and small, with their sales processes, organization and structure. Sales planning and team building are a major focus of our business.

      We will help build and train your sales team, optimize your sales, and help your business to grow. Our proven strength lies in our ability to help your business increase and maintain a competitive edge.

    • Photography

      Photography means "drawing with light." And combining the art and the science of the modern craft, we can produce any manner of photo images. Whether editorial or advertising, a fine art project, or special occasion, our team will cast your product or service in a professional light and capture the formal and the spontaneous of your special occasion. Let us provide you with a complete service of overseeing and organizing all stages of photography, editing, processing, printing, and presentation with our emphasis on client involvement to get the results you want.

    • Videography

      Videography is the magic of the moving picture with you in it. We offer video production services for a variety of needs tailored to each of our clients. On the corporate or commercial side, we can cost-effectively produce videos of business meetings and seminars, training sessions, sales presentations, trade shows and other events. On the consumer side, we can shoot, produce and edit videos of parties and other special occasions, like anniversaries, graduations, promotions, and award ceremonies. Our team uses professional grade digital video cameras, audio equipment and digital editing systems to produce video programs that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

  • clients

    • Just Decks by CapriJust Decks

      At Just Decks, we strive to achieve this goal by being honest, trustworthy, dependable, hardworking, and above all, listening to and understanding the wants and needs of our customers. From the very beginning, we have been consistently building high-quality decks, one at a time, with the utmost attention to construction details.

    • Bob ManleyBob Manley

      Councilman Bob Manley was elected to serve the residents of Verona in May of 2009.

      Since that time, he has been working hard to find creative ways to bring in new revenue to our town, to look for greater efficiencies in spending and to solve our existing challenges. Bob is thoroughly committed to preserving the high quality of life and outstanding level of service that all of the residence of Verona have come to enjoy, and upon which they rely.

    • Verona, NJVerona, NJ

      Although Verona is a primarily residential community, it is also home to commercial areas and factories, making it a wonderful place to raise a family or start or relocate a business. Originally, Verona was a part of Newark, then later a part of Caldwell Township, before initially being incorporated as the Borough of Verona was incorporated in 1907. Located in the valley between the First and Second Watchung Mountains, Verona has four elementary schools, a middle school and high school as well as a free public library.

    • Newark Firemen Federal Credit UnionNewark Firemen Federal Credit Union

      It is our mission to be the "Go To" financial institution for our membership by providing exceptional member service, quality financial products, and uncompromising dedication and commitment to our members.

    • Sean Spiller | People Over PoliticsSean Spiller | People Over Politics

      Montclair Councilman Sean M. Spiller was elected to serve the residents of Montclair in May of 2012. Since that time, he has been working hard to find creative ways to bring in new revenue for our town, to look for greater efficiencies and to solve our existing challenges.

    • Atlantic Pacific LinesAtlantic Pacific Lines

      Our mission is to continue to be a customer driven organization that understands and serves the needs of our clients. We have achieved this goal throughout the years, by maintaining our competitive edge via superior customer handling, at cost effective pricing, and the very best in technology.

    • Newark Fire Officers UnionNewark Fire Officer's Union Local 1860

      This organization has been founded to accomplish the following objectives through vanity and democratic action.

      • Just compensation for service.
      • Equitable settlement of grievances.
      • Establishment of just and reasonable work conditions.
      • To raise our member to a higher plane of skill and efficiency by the establishment of schools of instruction and teaching.
      • To cooperate with other locals of this association on matters of mutual welfare.
      • To promote the highest standards of performance morale and efficiency in the Newark Fire Department

    • Montclair State UniversityMontclair State University Global Education Center

      Montclair State's Global Education Center, recognized as one of the nation's best programs by NAFSA: Association of International Educators, provides leadership and organizational focus for the University's globalization efforts.

      The Global Education Center, comprises the International Affairs Office for Montclair State Faculty and Visiting Scholars, the Office of International Services, Study Abroad and International Summer Institutes, and Special Programs.

    • Union Accolade ScholarshipUnion Accolade Scholarship

      The mission of the Newark Fire Officer's Union Accolade Scholarship is: To find and recognize Newark public high school seniors with exceptional leadership potential who are committed to extending their education; to provide them with financial support for undergraduate study, and fellowship with other students who are committed to exemplifying characteristics exhibited by the Newark Fire Department.

    • Ironbound AmbulanceIronbound Ambulance Squad

      Ironbound Ambulance provides emergency medical services to the residents of the East Ward, also known as the Ironbound section, of Newark, NJ. We also provide EMS to visitors who pass through the surrounding community everyday. Our areas of responsibility include Route 21 (McCarter Highway), Routes 1 & 9, the Pulaski Skyway, the Newark lines of Route 22 and Route 78 and the New Jersey Turnpike. The Ironbound section of Newark lies between these major junctions and forms our primary service area. The Ironbound section of Newark is the most populous section of Newark.

    • EMS Angels MC Mother ChapterEMS Angels MC Mother Chapter

      The EMS ANGELS motorcycle club has been a personal inspiration. Through personal commitment,our determined brotherhood, productive charity work and our positive outreach program which includes all EMS personnel and others, we, as an organization have aided our community by our persistent involvement and positive accomplishments.

    • Hudson Paul SalonHudson Paul Salon

      In May 2009, Hudson Paul Salon opened its doors and has never looked back. Owner and entrepreneur Simone Karian, along with her family and close friends, assembled a group of hair aficionados dedicated to their loyal existing customer base and rapidly growing new clientele, creating a comfortable boutique hair salon experience in Rye, New York.

    • Spartan RaceSpartan Race

      Spartan Race is on a mission to get you active, healthy, excited about change, and return to our ancient roots where running through woods, getting dirty, and facing adversity was part of everyday life. Our events are all about challenging today's perception of normal.

    • Form Design LLCForm Design Studio

      Form Design Studio, LLC, a full service architectural design and planning firm, provides innovative architectural design and planning solutions to suit the needs of a wide range of clients. With our center of operations in Greenwich, Connecticut, we deliver distinctive architectural services, as we have for the past ten years, for residential and commercial projects such as custom homes, additions, renovation projects, spec homes, restaurants, and retail developments.

    • LCG ConstructionLCG Construction

      Architectural Design and Construction Specialists in Greenwich, CT

    • Vibrant Marketing ConceptsVibrant Marketing Concepts

      Vibrant Marketing Concepts are the New York Metro area's premier promotional modeling agency. They provide attractive, intelligent and experienced models for a full range of marketing and promotional events. With hundreds of models in the metro area, and access to promotional models in all major U.S. markets, they can accommodate your needs nationwide.

    • United Civil Servants Association, Inc.United Civil Servants Association, Inc.

      The United Civil Servants Association was created and exists to promote by the exchange of ideas and experiences, the solving of problems that plague our noble profession. By virtue of our efforts as a social organization, the Association can better serve and provide moral support to our members while establishing and maintaining sound relationships within the community that we protect everyday.

    • Allstate David Deluco AgencyAllstate David Deluco Agency

      Premier Multi-cultural agency exclusively representing Allstate & all of its tremendous products in NJ. We serve local families, the community, and local business in NJ to ensure that they have the advice and proper protection in thier time of need.

    • Street Life PhotographyStreet Life Photography

      Manny Oliveira proclaims, "I love photography because it gives me the ability to capture life in the height of the moment. I like waiting until all the elements come together to make the perfect shot!"

      Manny Oliveira, a Northern New Jersey native, lived in a small town in Portugal as a small child but immigranted to United States by the time he was ready for grade school.

      Photography has been his passion for several years. He pursues creating alluring urban city images in the tri-state area. Oliveira has attended multiple workshops to enhance his artistry of photography, such as Anthony Vasquez's wedding photography workshops in New York City and the N.Y. institute of photography. His published work includes the Hipster and the Catalyst magazines featuring his photographs of an up coming pop music artist, Julissa Veloz.

      Some of Manny's inspiration comes from urban city life, such as grafitti, city scapes and everyday life.

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    • Angela Anemoyanis

      AngelaAngela's experience in the advertising, marketing and design industries has spanned over the past eleven years. She began her career as an assistant to the director of a Parsippany based agency. Within three years, she was promoted to an Account Executive and later went on and founded her own agency, The Muse Marketing Group. Muse Marketing is in it's sixth year of operation and prides itself in being a full service firm with a clientele base throughout the Unites States and Europe.

    • Stephanie Beighley

      StephanieStephanie has been designing and developing websites for the last twelve years and is proud to call herself a web geek. She specializes in clean, modern design and has a lot of love for whitespace. Her focus is on user interface design (how the user uses a website) and marrying high-quality, cutting-edge code with the basics of solid design.

    • Catharine Moore

      CatharineCatharine is an artist that has applied her creative mind into the world of business. She started her professional career in Brooklyn after graduating from Pratt with her MFA in sculpture and has been putting her unique skill sets to good use ever since. In addition to managing client accounts and marketing content at Muse, she also enjoys sculpting in her studio as well as designing and fabricating her own line of custom event jewelry. With and eye for detail, Catharine loves working with clients to create for them exactly what they need to succeed.

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  • about us

    Providing creative advertising solutions and strategic marketing advice, the Muse Marketing Group has consistently and significantly increased the sales volume, and profile of our clients - in an environment of constantly changing economic conditions.

    That experience means that today, the Muse Marketing Group is one of only a handful of totally integrated, full-service agencies capable of meeting the challenge of unseen horizons in both new technologies and business climates.

    Our real strength however, lies in our unique attitude towards what we do and our relationship with all our clients, whether big or small. In the 21st century, building your brand is a matter of gently but irresistibly persuading consumers of your superiority. To do that successfully you will need a partner skilled in the persuasive art of advertising, design, marketing and media. The Muse Marketing Group has the experience, the commitment and the enthusiasm you need to make an impact on your market.