Help Clear the Shelters on August 15th

By August 13, 2015From Mo's Desk

Help Clear the Shelters on August 15th

There are few things that are near and dear to the hearts of the Muses than animals.  We adopt when we can, foster when we can and donate needed items to shelters when we can.  We even urge others to do the same.

We, like so many others, hope to see a rise in adoptions and responsible pet owners.  We hope to see a rise in spay/neuter statistics.  We hope to see more cities like Phoenix who recently upheld their ordinance that pet stores offer adoptable pets from shelters.  We also hope to see as many shelters as possible become no kill facilities.

Help Clear the Shelters on August 15thThe summer months are a time of great need for many shelters.  There are more animals who are without good homes now more than any other time of the year.  This reason, more than any other, is why we appreciate the Clear the Shelters effort put forth by NBC.  The event takes place on August 15th and it brings more attention to the fact that there are wonderful, loving animals who are at risk in most shelters, when they could instead have a loving forever home.

It doesn’t take much to help.  Adopt if you can.  If you can’t adopt, then foster.  If you can’t foster, then volunteer.  If you can’t volunteer, then donate.  If you can’t donate, then share.  There are many shelters in New Jersey that welcome many forms of assistance to help their shelter pets.  The Muses’ shelter of choice is Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter.