Left Handedness: A Super Power

August 13th marks 41 years of celebrating International Left-Handers Day.  You right-handers may not know this, but thirteen percent of the world’s population are left hand dominant.  You may also know that this means the right side of a lefty’s brain is in control.

People who are “right brained”, or left-handed, tend to be creative.  They are visual thinkers, have good spatial awareness and active imaginations.  You will find a higher percentage of left-handed individuals appear in professions related to music, the arts, and media.

Even though we may have our difficulties with scissors and knives, and must buy a special set of golf clubs, we bring a lot to the table.  Just ask some famous lefties like Brad Pitt, Buzz Aldrin, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Annie Lennox, and Paul McCartney.