Muse Year in Review

By December 21, 2017Muse News

The Muse Marketing Group has been quite busy this year.  We’ve conducted interviews, produced graphic design work for clients, we’ve built new websites, hired new team members and so much more.

Muse kicked the year off by taking part in an interview with Invision Magazine, where President, Angela Anemoyanis, provided advice for business owners who want to increase their level of online presence.

Shortly after the interview, we received word that we received the Excellence Award for Emergency Services Support – New Jersey for CV Magazine’s Health and Safety Awards.

Later on, in Spring, we took part in a number of events.  We participated in a job fair at a local college where we were able to bring on interns.  We also celebrated sustainability and green initiatives with Sustainable Verona at their Green Fair.  All of Verona’s ‘green’ businesses engaged and educated the community on how they employ sustainable practices every day.

In addition to attending events, we also planned and executed an event for one of our long-time clients, Sean Spiller.  The Muse Marketing Group provided décor, beverages as well as appetizer and dessert courses.

Midway through the year, we launched a new website for Montclair Councilman, Sean Spiller.  We provided him with a user-friendly framework that allowed for easier access to all forms of social media, local event information and ease of contact to provide help and volunteer services.

Throughout the year, The Muse Marketing Group donated to causes close to our hearts, such as breast cancer awareness, rescue pets, and families in need.

2017 brought some welcome changes with addition of new team members like, Joseph Cameron and Christina Campos, and our newest intern, Jessica Campos.  Joseph is an experienced web developer who has honed his craft for more than twelve years.  Christina is a graphic designer who works with us while going through school.  Jessica is studying to be a nurse and is learning new skills and gaining valuable administrative experience through her work with us.

This year also brought forth the creation of a new service for The Muse Marketing Group.  With changes in technology, we found that there is a need for changes in how we make websites accessible to those with disabilities.  Are websites able to be read by screen readers?  Are website files and forms able to be accessed easily?  These were important questions for one of our long-time clients, Newark Firemen FCU.

Muse conducted research on the subject, and conducted a survey of the site.  We found that the Newark Firemen FCU website required improvements in some areas.  We then helped them to achieve their goal of making the entire site accessible to individuals with disabilities.  Thus, a new service was born, ADA Compliance.

The Muse Marketing Group is grateful for all of the things we were able to accomplish this year.  We are looking forward to 2018 and the new opportunities that it brings.  We hope it brings wonderful new opportunities your way as well.


All the best,

The Muse Marketing Group