It’s National Thesaurus Day!

As someone who uses a thesaurus on a regular basis, I was surprised that I did not know that there was a national day of celebration for it.  The thesaurus is a best friend to writers who are looking for the right word to express their thoughts and feelings.

The thesaurus was brought into being by Peter Mark Roget for the first time in 1852.  The thesaurus lists synonyms and antonyms for words.  Writers tend to use it so that repetition in their sentences doesn’t become an issue.  Sometimes they use it to find words that better suite the sentence they have written.  The bonus is that as you use a thesaurus, you may well expand your vocabulary.

In homage to its creator, National Thesaurus Day is celebrated on January 18th, Peter Mark Roget’s birthday.  All you have to do to celebrate…is use a thesaurus.