Made in the U.S.A.

By February 12, 2018Muse News

The Muse Marketing Group has always felt that it is important to provide clients with services that are 100% local.  Through all of our endeavors over the years, we have always employed individuals and businesses who are local to the area.  Those individuals and businesses range from website developers, to the union print shops we utilize for specialized work, like promotional items and giveaways.

To us, it is essential to be able to provide support for clients when they need it the most and it is always a best practice to be able to have boots on the ground and not just a voice on the phone.

In the experience that The Muse Marketing Group has had, services that are proffered for clients are more effective when they are efficient.  It is a difficult feat to accomplish if you are not even in the same time zone as your clients.  That is why we will continue to stand by our policy of supporting local businesses and communities.  We hope you will as well.