Make Way for The New Blue

By May 31, 2018Muse News

Color is part of a spectrum. Did you know that colors we find in nature are a reflection of light off atoms? So, to reproduce colors for paints, dyes and other materials pigment is required.

The pigments that we use are either made from organic materials found in nature or inorganic materials produced in a laboratory setting.

Why such a big deal over blue?  YInMn Blue is the first new blue in over 200 years!  The last blue to be discovered was Cobalt Blue in the early 19th century.  What you may not know about blue is that it is one of the most requested color families across a variety of industries.  It is also difficult and expensive to extract from nature.

After this new blue came into being, the creators were contacted by Shepherd Color Company.  They ran a litany of tests on YInMn Blue.  They discovered that the new color is durable, non-toxic, fade resistant and reflects heat!

The Muse Marketing Group loves their blues.  We hold the color family in high regard.  We can’t wait to see what happens with our favorite color next.