When building your business, it is naturally important to bring in new clients.  What you may be overlooking is the potential importance of your repeat clients.

Where a client is someone who works with you once, and a return client is someone who has worked with you more than once, a repeat client will come back to you time after time because they fully appreciate the value of the products and/or services that you provide them with.

Why is it so important to cultivate your relationship with repeat clients?  Quite simply, because they are your most valuable resource!  Here’s why:

Repeat clients spend more money.  They will purchase more over time than a new client will with their initial transaction.  They also likely trust you enough to purchase your more expensive products and/or services.

Repeat clients promote your business.  They are 50% more likely to mention you company and what you can do, than a new client who hasn’t conducted business with you more than once.  By providing some focus on repeat business, you create a group of clients who will sing your praises to others who require similar products and services.

Repeat clients cost less.  Marketing your business to new clients can be expensive.  Once you market to a person who has purchased products and/or services from you before, you’ll find they take less convincing to request further products/services from you.

The Muse Marketing Group has several such clients.  We have had clients who have come to us for websites, and later signed on for website maintenance services and social media management.  We have had some of those same clients request logos, branding materials, and print work (business cards, letterhead, folders, etc.).  It is our distinct pleasure to provide them with the help to do those things that they cannot do themselves.

Now that you know some of what you can accomplish with the help of your repeat clients, be sure to treat them right.  They can help your business prosper!