Varsity Club Products Launches New Site!

Five years ago, Varsity Club Products came to us for their very first website.  The site was only meant to house a small number of popular products, so that customers could place orders online as a convenience.

Over the past few years, Varsity Club Products experienced an uptick in orders and product expansion.  As they grew as a business, they were confronted with an e-commerce site that could no longer keep up with the level of business they were receiving.  They realized that they needed to reinvest in their eCommerce platform to accommodate their future endeavors.

They returned to The Muse Marketing Group for a new site.  We chose a website format that can handle the current flow of orders and traffic they have been receiving, that also allows for greater product expansion in the future, should they need it.

Naturally, we’ve made the website user friendly, so products and important information can be found with minimal effort for the customer.  All the elements incorporated into the site make for a great visitor experience.  Check it out!