Here’s to a New Year…and Decade! | From Mo’s Desk

Earlier this month, I was admiring the beauty of the full moon.  So clean, so bright. And a couple of thoughts came to me.  First, “This was the last full moon of the year.”  Then, “Holy cow!  This is the last full moon of this decade!”

That’s right.  I didn’t even think of it until that moment.  This decade is almost over.

With the new year usually comes the hope and promise of new opportunities.  This year it seems so much more significant, especially when you think of what a whole decade can bring.

So, let’s raise a glass to the final moments of this year and what it has brought us.  Let’s raise a glass to the end of this decade and all the changes it has delivered to our lives.  And let’s raise a glass to all that the next decade can bring.

Happy New Year, and new decade everyone!  Here’s to another trip around the sun!