Reduce! Reuse! Remuse!

By April 20, 2020Muse News

With the recent shutdowns across the country, mother nature has showed us just how much of an effect we’ve been having on this planet.  With everyone sheltering in place and many of us working from home, air quality has improved.

It brings to light all the other things we could be doing to benefit our environment.

When The Muse Group is in the office, we do everything we can to employ green practices, so much so that Sustainable Verona recognized us as a Green Local Business.  We have energy efficient appliances.  When we close down the office for the day, all electronic devices are shut off, or are set to shut off automatically.  We reduced the amount of paper we use by keeping the bulk of our communications electronic.  Even the company vehicle, The Muse Mobile, is an Eco-Hybrid.  We also invested in an office water cooler, so we could reduce the use of smaller plastic bottles and return the jugs for reuse.

Now if only we could figure out how to economically source printer ink.  Sigh…