Website Design & Maintenance

CPR Restoration came to us with a website with an inefficient design and little descriptive content on the scope of their services.  The Muse Marketing Group reorganized the flow of information and generated expanded content for the restoration process for a variety of damage that can affect residential, commercial, industrial and institutional properties.

The result provided CPR Restoration with a branded website that depicts the extent of their work and how they can help individuals who have been affected by property damage of all types.







SEO Optimization

Although CPR had some written content on each of their services, portions of that test were contained in images and did not register as text in search situations.  The Muse Marketing Group compiled all written information (text and image) and incorporated it into the information required for each of their service descriptions. Many words relevant to the work that CPR Restoration does were used consistently throughout the website, making their website more likely to appear during searches for specific terms.

Website Maintenance

As it is with many of our clients, CPR Restoration did not have an IT person on staff to maintain their website and keep the technology and plugins up to date.  As a full service agency, The Muse Marketing Group provided this service.  This limited the chances of security breaches on the website and also maintains the functionality of the site, reducing the chance for the site to become inoperable.


To help drive traffic to their website, CPR Restoration requested a pay-per-click campaign designed to highlight the services they offer to the public.  The campaign was organized by subject, and each ad type linked to a service page specifically related to each ad.  To track the progress of each ad topic, data was collected on each and reports created for CPR Restoration to review.


To monitor the number of people frequenting their website, CPR Restoration requested that analytical data be collected on their website.  Using Google Analytics, The Muse Marketing Group was able to collect data on how many people visited the site, what pages they visited and how long they stayed on the site.  We were also able to determine whether visitors to the site were new or had visited before.  Data was collected on a monthly basis and reports were created for CPR Restoration to review.


In order to provide their contacts with news and upcoming offers, CPR Restoration asked for e-newsletter templates.  The Muse Marketing Group created and provided templates with a few different text formats and CPR Restoration’s branding and logo.

Social Media Management

CPR Restoration was interested in making news about their company and specials they offer available to a wider audience.  The Muse Marketing Group sought to help them expand their audience by coordinating posts to their website and Facebook page.  This allowed CPR Restoration to reach more people and get the word out about who they are and what they do.