Website Design

When we began working with Elevate Educators, they had a website that was functional, but contained no information about their business and what services they provided. Through our combined efforts, we designed a complete, informative and user-friendly site for visitors. All information is organized and easy to locate. The content management system allows Elevate Educators to post the latest news regarding education and it’s continually changing standards in their blog area. The site is also prepared and ready to add social network plugins so that visitors can find and follow all available news feeds.

with Elevate Educators

Logo Design

Although Elevate Educators had a good concept for their logo, it needed to be refined to compliment the design of their new website. The logo image was resized. The logo was given cleaner lines and a change in color to make it more easily visible to the visitors’ eyes.

Social Network Integration

While designing the Elevate Educators website, program plug-ins were added to the site so that social media feeds and videos could easily be added to the website. This allows Elevate Educators to keep all visitors up-to- date on current education news and learning opportunities.

Email Marketing

The Muse Marketing Group understands that no business succeeds by social media alone. To facilitate communication with school districts, administrators and educators that Elevate Educators has worked with previously, we designed branded templates to be used to inform recipients of upcoming professional learning opportunities, and educational news throughout the state.

Print Design

With Elevate Educators updated branding, they also required corresponding printed items to inform the public of what they do and how they can be reached. The Muse Marketing Group designed business cards and revitalized their existing brochure.