Website Design & Maintenance

Final Touch came to us with an out of date website that did little to display their work in a flattering way. Nor did it allow for easy content management.

The Muse Marketing Group designed a website with an easy to use interface that also contained a portfolio feature. This allowed for visitors to see the number of projects that Final Touch had completed in recent years. It also allowed visitors to view the full quality of the work and attention to detail given to each project.

In addition to the user friendly interface and portfolio, the site is also easy to maintain and update. The administrative interface allows for easy additions to the portfolio area as new projects are completed.

Content Management

Since the bulk of the content for the website relied mainly on portfolio pictures, descriptions of the work completed at each job site were needed, as text would help to build better SEO options. The Muse Marketing Group generated descriptions for each portfolio entry with details provided by Final Touch.