Website Design & Maintenance

Mr. Bruno’s was a restaurant chain that was just beginning to franchise their establishments. For this project, Mr. Bruno’s needed a main corporate website, as well as a website for each of its three restaurant locations.

The Muse Marketing Group designed the corporate website and provided an e-commerce feature for when the company was ready to accept orders for their homemade sauce and other associated items.

For the three locations, The Muse Marketing Group designed sites that were specific to each, and included current menu options available for the individual establishments. Each site was also linked to social media and included a blog/web space for news, upcoming events, and holiday specials. Each site was also equipped with a newsletter sign up feature, so visitors and regular patrons could keep up on the latest news and offerings from Mr. Bruno’s.


Social Media

Once all of the websites were completed, Facebook pages were created for the locations that did not already have one. Logos and photos taken at each location were added to the Facebook profiles to keep the branding consistent. Feeds were then populated with posts from the website.

Content Management

The Muse Marketing Group generated content for Mr. Bruno’s web spaces on a regular basis. Each post was based around the type of food served and events occurring at each location.


To showcase their dishes, restaurants and other merchandise, Mr. Bruno’s needed their own stock photography. The Muse Marketing Group travelled to each restaurant location and had the kitchen prepare several dishes and refreshments. Each dish was plated to showcase the quality of each item and photographed. Similar processes were employed for their homemade sauces, and home label beverages.

Email Marketing

To keep their patrons and visitors to their websites informed, the option to sign up for a newsletter was offered. The Muse Marketing Group designed newsletter templates with consistent branding for each location to be used to facilitate sharing of information with their subscribers.

Merchandise Management

For the holiday season, Mr. Bruno’s wanted to offer gift options to their patrons. The Muse Marketing Group was charged with creating three different sized gift baskets that could be presented as a gift option to patrons and used as raffle prizes.