Website Design

Public Spaces came to The Muse Marketing Group with a website that was unable to convey what it was that they had to offer the public. It contained plenty of news pertaining to the districts and communities they serviced, but did little to inform visitors what those services were. There was also no clear branding to inform visitors to their site who they were.

The Muse Marketing Group provided Public Spaces with a website that contained a content management system, a user-friendly interface and well categorized and organized information. This will allow visitors an ease of use that did not exist with the previous website. The website contains clear areas for services provided and an About Us section, complete with staff bios. Program plugins were also included to allow visitors to easily find and follow social media newsfeeds.

Logo Design

Before the new website could be launched, Public Spaces needed a clear, branded identity. Since Public Spaces works with managed districts of cities and towns throughout the state, The Muse Marketing Group felt that it was important to maintain aspects of city and town representation in the logo.

Website Maintenance

In the process of designing the Public Spaces website, program plug-ins were added to the site so that social media feeds and videos could easily be added to the website. This allows Public Spaces to keep all visitors up-to- date on current development, events, new business openings, and community news in the areas they service.


To add faces to the names of the staff of Public Spaces, a photo shoot was completed to provide a consistent, and professional representation of the company.