Website Design & Maintenance

Varsity Club Products came to us in need of an e-commerce website that their customers could use to place orders more conveniently. Muse designed a simple to navigate e-commerce website that allowed customers to order their most popular items at the push of a button.

Pages for specific school designations were also created, so that students could order graduating class apparel.

To maintain functionality of the site, and e-commerce portals, The Muse Marketing Group scheduled updates for programming on a regular basis.

Content Management

Since The Muse Marketing Group was building a new website from scratch, content needed to be developed for all areas of the website. Most important were the sections for products and all customer care pages and information, including:

• Payment & Security
• Privacy and Cookies
• Terms and Conditions


For placement of orders and calculating of totals, a WooCommerce theme was used to facilitate visitor shopping experiences. WooCommerce is used on over 12,000,000 online stores worldwide. In order to process order payments, Stripe is used. It allows for easy payments online and in mobile apps. It is secure and easy to use, which is important to all patrons of Varsity Club Products.